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Assistant Chef in Presidential Symphony Orchestra

He began his works with his father Erdem ÖZER. Then, he won the Ankara State Conservatory Percussion Department, and began to work with Muzaffer ERBER_K and Ha_im YED_CAN. Besides his solo works during his undergraduate education, he began his first concerts with a percussion company, which he continue his works with this company with two people afterwards. After graduating successfully from Graduate Program of Percussion Department, he won the examination of Presidential Symphony Orchestra and became a member of the percussion part. Later, he won the first prize of Mediterranian Youth Orchestra in his area, whose center is in France, and became soloist in Bela Bartok Two Piano and Percussion Concerto, and he took part in the orchestra. He did master class with Sylvio GUALDO, who is the best percussion player of Europe, and was invited to his class in Paris. In USA he studied modern music and jazz with S. Saunders SMITH, symphonic music with Dannis KAIN, rock music with Kenneith ANOFF and successfully took part in the American Press.

In 1990, he won the first prize of the scholarship examination of Switzerland Government. In Geneva, he studied Baget Percussion with Yves BRUESTAUX, Mallet Percussion with William BLANC, and Latin Percussion with John Mayer. At these days, he was invited to the world famous Swiss Roman Orchestra and took part in many concert tours. Also, he entered into the International Geneva Percussion Company and took part in many concerts: He did many CD and TV records. He joined many concerts in countries such as Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Japan, England. After turning back to Turkey, he gathered the Percussion company, began to work with Soner ÖZER and to gave couple concerts with him. He worked with modern dance, folk dance companies, wrote their musics, and gave concerts as percussion couple inland. Besides these, they were invited to USA and gave outdoor concerts to more than 2000 audiences, and they also join performances with State Modern Dance Company. The concerts were successfully expressed in the press and after these concerts they took many recording and concert invitations. He adapted Turkish motifs to percussions and he was first in that area. Still he is working as Assistant Chef in Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Academic lecturer in Music Education Faculty in Gazi University, percussion instructor in fine arts high-school, he teaches students with the methods he developed in his studio and organizes percussion workshops with artlovers.

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